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ACR's expertise in hardwood sports floor restorative drying came about over the course of many years. Decades ago, ACR had taken notice that flooring trends for residential losses were moving toward hard surfaces...hardwood floors. Because this flooring surface was becoming so much more common, we developed very effective drying methods using new technologies in the restoration industry. And because hardwood drying is so variable because of different wood species, each with its own specific equilibrium moisture content, and a wide variety of environments, there was a great deal of trial-and-error (as well as trial-and-success).

Schools, colleges and universities have always been among ACR's top clients and this presented many water-damaged gym floors. This combination of education, experience, equipment and opportunity set the track for the future of ACR's gym floor restorative drying. Now, ACR and our highly qualified specialists can save a huge percentage of water-damaged gym floors that previously torn out and replaced at great expense and lost use.

Even now, after having won the prestigious RIA Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration for this unique specialty, ACR continues to research, review and further develop these drying techniques. And as new approaches are proven, we bring stronger, even more dependable, predictable results.


Restoring water-damaged gym floors involves challenges needing solutions. Each and every gym floor recovery has its own set of circumstances due to subfloor construction, moisture content and intrusion path, floor age, previous water intrusions...and solving these challenges is where ACR shines brightest. The ability to create a customized solution to your loss is well-supported by ACR’s vast experience in drying hardwood sports floors.


Our goal is to inform you about the option of restorative drying, as an alternative to tear-out and replacement. While there is no question that in some cases, the extent of the damage exceeds the “restoration threshold,” requiring full replacement, a surprisingly high number of water-damaged gym floors can instead be saved at upward of 80% less cost and loss-of-use.



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