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A tremendous honor has been bestowed upon ACR at the 2014 RIA Annual Convention & Industry Expo in Orlando, FL. We have won the prestigious PHOENIX AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN RESTORATION.


This international award is among the highest honors possible in the restoration industry. The RIA (Restoration Industry Association) calls it, "conspicuously high achievement in the area of disaster restoration, with emphasis on innovative techniques and delivery of superior outcome and value."

The RIA continues, "Since the dawn of history, fires and floods have wreaked destruction on the homes, possessions, and lives of human beings.

ACR's award winning

in-place gym floor drying capabilities featured in C&R Magazine



Even today, with all our modern advances, natural disasters still destroy our most precious possessions. The people who restore damaged property have a unique role in a setting of personal tragedy and stress; they strive to restore damaged property in the most effective way possible. Professional restorers respond to these crises every day, performing an essential human service."


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